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About Me

I’m Sanjana Kanamarlapudi!

I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but moved to Singapore when I was five. So my memories of Malaysia are fuzzy, to say the least. However, I remember shopping at the mall every weekend and preschool there. Even though my family and I live in Singapore, we are Indians with deep roots back home. My mother, Sunaina, is from Mumbai, and my dad, Lakshman, is from Vijayawada. I have a big family with cousins, aunts, and uncles that still live in India, and I look forward to visiting them on our regular trips there. 

Like any teenage girl, I love K-Pop, music, books, and hanging out with my friends. I’m currently studying at one of the best schools in Singapore, exploring my love for science, math, psychology, and English. I love to sing and draw, so if you don’t find me writing (or reading), I will probably be practising for the choir, learning new choreography, or practising old ones. 

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Know me

Question & Answers with Sanjana

  • Achieve a lot with my writing
  • Meet some well-known authors
  • Become the school magazine editor
  • Get a high IB score
  • Get into a good university
  • Improve at singing
  • Continue dancing some way or the other

Fave Books:
- Harry Potter
- Hunger Games
- Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
- Ghosted
- Brother’s Keeper
- K-Pop Confidential
- K-Pop Revolution

Fave music
- K-Pop
- BLACKPINK (group) <- my fave
- Red Velvet (group)
- Vcha
- Twice (group)
- ITZY (group)
- LE SERAFIM (group)
- NMIXX (group)
- (G)IDLE (group)
- IVE (group)
- NewJeans (group)
- Jeon Somi (soloist)
- IU (soloist)
- Taeyeon (soloist)

Fave movies/dramas
I’ve only watched 2 movies/animes (I don’t really watch too many movies or shows)
- Harry Potter (movies)
- My ID is Gangnam Beauty (KDrama)
- True Beauty (KDrama)
- Demon Slayer (the only anime I have ever watched)

  • Watching YouTube
  • Calling friends
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Reading
  • Listening to music
  • Writing (duh)

I really want to inspire more people with my journey, especially kids and teens. So, I want to attend more public events where I can tell my story and hopefully inspire others.

  • I’m definitely going to do public speaking events
  • I’m going to keep writing
  • Keep doing social media

I definitely see myself writing at least on the side. If it takes off really well, I would consider doing it full-time.

  • I really want to visit South Korea someday. I might go for a student exchange in High School.
  • Anywhere with snow (I haven’t seen snow yet 😩)
  • South Korea
  • Hawaii
  • France
  1. Be inspirational to others
  2. Have a bright future
  3. Stay close to friends and family

I’m a creative extrovert who tries to help those around me as much as possible

  • Writing
  • K-Pop
  • Spending time with friends
  • Social gatherings, in general

Name: Teddy
Age: 9 (10 in November)
Breed: Toy Poodle
Personality: He’s basically a cat