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330%: Making The Impossible, Possible

At the age of seven, Kalki Singh can mentally solve complicated multiplications and read books meant for people twice her age! A ‘surprise’ mark for an ordinary assignment opens her eyes to a world full of possibilities. While her father is supportive, her mother has other plans. Can she make the impossible, possible?

This is the story of a young girl from a small city in India, who dared to dream big and pursue her passions and go against all odds, to create an extraordinary life for herself.


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The Book Buzz

The Moon Wolf is truly an inspirational story of struggle and victory! Sanjana has a knack for fusing quality and entertainment together in her novel.

Pawan Kumar Pandey

The Moon Wolf

Sanjana has developed her central character in such a way that it will attract the readers and offer them an exemplary character that they will remember and take inspiration from.

Bhumika Babbar

The Moon Wolf

Bella Clarke and the Cave of Mysteries is an amazing book with a good storyline!

Chaitanya Sagar

Bella Clarke and the Cave of Mysteries

Wow! I can’t believe Sanjana is only 9 years old. I am reading the book slowly because I don't want to finish it off so soon!


Cupcake the Unicorn Family


My Bookish Journey

  • My first 3 books were a series about 'Cupcake The Unicorn' and his story through meeting the reader, going to Candyland, and even starting a family.
  • I love my dog Teddy is a picture book of my dog Teddy, who is somewhat goofy.
  • Bella Clarke and the Cave of Mysteries will take you into the mysterious and magical world of Bella, who goes to a magical school (like Harry Potter!).
  • Back To Earth: Past and Future is a futuristic sci-fi novella about 2 kids living on Mars after humans evacuated Earth. They desperately want to see Earth, so they borrow a rocket ship and explore the now-healed Earth.
  • The Moon Wolf is about a wolf pup born on the moon but somehow finds himself on Earth. He doesn’t know yet that he will eventually start a legendary bond, the bond between humans and dogs.
  • And finally, my most recent one is a fantasized version about Mother Nature’s daughters. Known better as The Four Seasons.

My favourite is The Moon Wolf.

I feel like it's one of my most original plots and I really enjoyed blending the concepts of fantasy through magic and realism through wildlife. At times, I feel like 'The Moon Wolf' is an evolution in the eyes of an imaginative child, that child being me 🙂

  • General Routine:
    • Think of a basic plot idea
    • Make a mind map (tons of detail)
    • Write organized paragraphs based on the mind map
    • Start writing
      • I write 1-2 pages per day, generally
      • On holidays or when I have a tight deadline to meet soon, I write 3-5 pages per day