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Back to Earth: Past and Future

Back to earth

Back to Earth: Past and Future

  • Synopsis

"The question is not so much whether there is life on Mars as whether it will continue to be possible to live on Earth" - Immanuel Kant

Set in the 31st century, having destroyed the Earth and its environment, humans have had to evacuate Earth and live on Mars.

Rachel and Lee are born on Mars. At school, they learn how humans, due to their greed, destroyed the Earth and made it uninhabitable. As they hear about the human and animal history on Earth, Rachel wonders if she could visit Earth one day. Her wish is fulfilled when her grandfather lets her and Lee fly off to Earth in their family RM rocket.

Their adventure takes them to various lands, where they see how the Earth has healed itself once humans left it and discover that animal and plant life has flourished once again. They bond with lions, cheetahs, bears, cougars, tigers, orangutans and kangaroos and learn skills from them such as hunting, fishing, swimming and climbing.

Meanwhile, Rachel's grandmother is trying to tell her something in her dreams. What is she leading Rachel to? Will Rachel and Lee find the true reason why they have been sent to Earth?

Book Reviews

The Book Buzz

The Moon Wolf is truly an inspirational story of struggle and victory! Sanjana has a knack for fusing quality and entertainment together in her novel.

Pawan Kumar Pandey

The Moon Wolf

Sanjana has developed her central character in such a way that it will attract the readers and offer them an exemplary character that they will remember and take inspiration from.

Bhumika Babbar

The Moon Wolf

Bella Clarke and the Cave of Mysteries is an amazing book with a good storyline!

Chaitanya Sagar

Bella Clarke and the Cave of Mysteries

Wow! I can’t believe Sanjana is only 9 years old. I am reading the book slowly because I don't want to finish it off so soon!


Cupcake the Unicorn Family