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The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

  • Synopsis

We all know that the Earth has four seasons, but did you ever wonder how these seasons came to be?

This is a story about the most legendary and important war in the history of the evolution of Earth and Mother
Nature’s love and importance to us all.

One day, the voice of Lord Metor was heard in every single castle in the forest. “I have taken Mother Nature!
The Earth shall suffer and I shall destroy its future! The Earth shall die! You all shall die with the meteor I will send in a year’s time! Save yourselves, come and serve me! Or else you shall die, cough, and bleed! The riddle you can use to start and save yourselves is: I try to escape the angry hawk. You better hurry, the clock is ticking, tic toc, tic toc!”

Can the four seasons rescue their Mother Nature, save the Earth and bring peace and harmony to the world? Aren't we, humans, being Lord Metors, destroying our beautiful Earth by our actions?

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The Moon Wolf is truly an inspirational story of struggle and victory! Sanjana has a knack for fusing quality and entertainment together in her novel.

Pawan Kumar Pandey

The Moon Wolf

Sanjana has developed her central character in such a way that it will attract the readers and offer them an exemplary character that they will remember and take inspiration from.

Bhumika Babbar

The Moon Wolf

Bella Clarke and the Cave of Mysteries is an amazing book with a good storyline!

Chaitanya Sagar

Bella Clarke and the Cave of Mysteries

Wow! I can’t believe Sanjana is only 9 years old. I am reading the book slowly because I don't want to finish it off so soon!


Cupcake the Unicorn Family